Sunday, September 8, 2013

DC's Latest PR Disaster

DC Comics is having a contest. You can break into comics, just by submitting panels that they have scripted for you. Four panels in all showing Harley Quinn trying to commit suicide, with the 4th showing her naked in the bathtub. Lots of other articles have been written about this so I won't add to them, but it was the Daily Dot article that brought something to my attention: this contest began just days before National Suicide Prevention Week.


In response to this and some other recent gaffes, my husband suggested that someone should check the DC offices for radon.

ANYway... I'm not entering the contest, but here's the 4th panel as I see it:

Yeah, I know, the hand is wrong. I never claimed to be an illustrator. I also didn't follow
the instructions as they were given. Knives are way better than a hairdryer, if you ask me.

Read more about DC's PR goofs at The Outhouse.

UPDATE: DC has issued an apology: 
"The purpose of the talent search was to allow new artists an opportunity to draw a single page of a 20-page story. True to the nature of the character, the entire story is cartoony and over-the-top in tone, as Harley Quinn breaks the 4th Wall and satirizes the very scenes she appears in. DC Entertainment sincerely apologizes to anyone who may have found the page synopsis offensive and for not clearly providing the entire context of the scene within the full scope of the story."
But I still think that this is a pretty clear indication of just how out of touch that they are, that they didn't realize from the start that this would cause some controversy. Or hell, maybe they did! It certainly got them lots of attention and press!

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