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Heroines and Villainesses: E

This is a very cursory list of good girls and bad girls, some that fall in between, and others who got immortalized in plastic for whatever reason. The photos I've included are from figures in my personal collection; the photos are mine. When I can, the list will be expanded; this is just the basic first go of the Es.

Heroines and Villainesses:
An Incomplete List, Including Other Characters with Action Figures

Echidna (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys tv series)
• Created by: John Schulian
• Portrayed by: Bridget Hoffman
• First appearance: “Mother of All Monsters” episode, 1995
• Super powers: yes (not human)
• Alter ego: none
• Action figure: yes, by Toy Biz (1996)

Echo (Marvel Comics)
• Created by: David Mack and Joe Quesada
• First appearance: Daredevil vol. 2 #9, December 1999
• Super powers: no
• Alter ego: Maya Lopez, Ronin
• Action figure: no
• Notable: she is deaf, and Native American

Eclipso (DC Comics)
• Created by: Bill Willingham, Justiniano and Walden Wong
• First appearance: Day of Vengeance #1, June 2005 (6-issue miniseries)
• Super powers: yes, imbued by the possessing spirit of the crystal
• Alter ego: several, one as Jean Loring
• Action figure: no, not as Jean Loring

Elasti-Girl (DC Comics)
• Created by: Bob Haney, Arnold Drake, Bruno Premiani
• First appearance: My Greatest Adventure #80, June 1963
• Super powers: yes, meta-human (induced)
• Alter ego: Rita Farr
• Action figure: yes, in an exclusive 4-pack from Matty Collector, in a Doom Patrol series by Mattel (2006)

Elastigirl (The Incredibles animated movie)
• Created by: Brad Bird
• Voiced by: Holly Hunter
• First appearance: The Incredibles 2004
• Super powers: yes, meta-human
• Alter ego: Helen Parr
• Action figure: yes (with Jack Jack), available from the Disney Store (2004)

Electra Woman (The Krofft Supershow)
• Created by: Sid and Marty Krofft
• Portrayed by: Deirdre Hall
• First appearance: 1976
• Super powers: no
• Alter ego:
• Action figure: yes, by Living Toys (2000)

Elektra (Marvel Comics)
• Created by: Frank Miller
• First appearance: Daredevil #168, January 1981
• Super powers: no (peak physical condition and martial artist)
• Alter ego: Elektra Natchios
• Action figure: yes, several, the first in the X-Men Classics series by Toy Biz (1996)

Elvira (Elvira: Mistress of the Dark tv series)
• Created by:
• First appearance: 1981
• Super powers: no
• Alter ego: Cassandra Peterson
• Action figure: yes, more than one, the first by Figures Toy Company (1998)

Elysia (Warriors of Virtue motion picture)
• Created by: Michael Vickerman and Hugh Kelley
• Portrayed by: Marley Shelton
• First appearance: Warriors of Virtue, 1997
• Super powers: no
• Alter ego: none
• Action figure: yes, by Play ‘Em (1997)

Emerald Empress (DC Comics)
• Created by: Jim Shooter and Curt Swan
• First appearance: Adventure Comics #352, January 1967; Legionnaires #2
• Super powers: yes, empowered through the Emerald Eye
• Alter ego: Sarya (1st), Cera Kesh (2nd)
• Action figure: no

Teyla Emmagan (Stargate Atlantis tv series)
• Created by:
• Portrayed by: Rachel Luttrell
• First appearance: “Rising” (pilot episode) 2004
• Super powers: no
• Alter ego: none
• Action figure: no

Empress (DC Comics)
• Created by: Peter David and Todd Nauck
• First appearance: Young Justice #16, January 2000
• Super powers: yes, meta-human
• Alter ego: Anita Fite
• Action figure: no

Empress Galaxa (Galaxie Girl)
• Created by: Woolworth
• First appearance: 1986
• Super powers:
• Alter ego: 
• Action figure: yes, by (or for?) Woolworth (1986)

Enchantress (Marvel Comics)
• Created by: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Paul Cornell and Mark Brooks (2nd Enchantress)
• First appearance: Journey into Mystery #103, April 1964
• Super powers: yes, immortal (not human)
• Alter ego: Amora (first Enchantress), Sylvie Lushton (second Enchantress)
• Action figure: yes, in the Marvel Universe Comic Packs series, in a 2-pack with Thor by Hasbro (2009)

Energizer (Marvel Comics)
• Created by: Louise Simonson and June Brigman
• First appearance: Power Pack  #1, August 1984
• Super powers: yes, meta-human (induced)
• Alter ego: Katie Power
• Action figure: no

The Engineer (Wildstorm)
• Created by: Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch
• First appearance: The Authority #1
• Super powers: yes, enhanced human
• Alter ego: Angela Spica
• Action figure: yes, by DC Direct (1990)

Entrapta (She-Ra: Princess of Power animated series)
• Created by: Mattel
• Voiced by: Linda Gary
• First appearance: “One to Count On,” 1986
• Super powers: yes, magic
• Alter ego: none
• Action figure: yes, by Mattel

Ereshkigal (Marvel Comics)
• Created by: Roy Thomas, John Buscema and Chic Stone
• First appearance: Thor #284, June 1979
• Super powers: yes (not human)
• Alter ego:
• Action figure: no

Eve (Species II movie)
• Created by: Chris Brancato and Dennis Feldman
• Portrayed by: Natasha Henstridge
• First appearance: Species II 1998
• Super powers: yes, alien hybrid
• Alter ego: none
• Action figure: yes, by McFarlane Toys in the Movie Maniacs series (1998)

Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games trilogy)
• Created by: Suzanne Collins
• First appearance: The Hunger Games, 2008
• Super powers: no
• Alter ego: none
• Action figure: no
Evil-Lyn (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe animated series)
• Created by: Mattel
• Voiced by: Linda Gary
• First appearance:
• Super powers: yes, magic
• Alter ego: no
• Action figure: yes, more than one, first by Mattel in 1983

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