Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Heroines and Villainesses: Q

This is a very cursory list of good girls and bad girls, some that fall in between, and others who got immortalized in plastic for whatever reason. The photos I've included are from figures in my personal collection; the photos are mine. When I can, the list will be expanded; this is just the basic first go of the Qs.

Heroines and Villainesses:
An Incomplete List, Including Other Characters with Action Figures

Jenny Quantum (Wildstorm, DC Comics)
• Created by: Mark Millar and Frank Quitely
• First appearance: The Authority: Revolution #7, June 2005
• Super powers: yes, meta-human
• Alter ego: Jennifer Emily Quantum
• Action figure: no

Quarrel (G.I. Joe)
• Created by: Hasbro
• First appearance: 1982
• Super powers: no
• Alter ego:
• Action figure: yes, first in Europe by Palitoy (1982)

Queen Bee (DC Comics)
• Created by: Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky
• First appearance: Justice League of America #23, November 1963
• Super powers: yes, meta-human (alien)
• Alter ego: Zazzala
• Action figure: no

Queen of Fables (DC Comics)
• Created by: Gail Simone, Bryan Hitch and Mark Waid
• First appearance: JLA #47, November 2000
• Super powers: yes, magic
• Alter ego: Tsaritsa
• Action figure: no

Jesse Quick (DC Comics)
• Created by: Len Strazewski and Mike Parobeck
• First appearance: Justice Society of America vol. 2 #1, August 1992
• Super powers: yes, meta-human
• Alter ego: Jesse Chambers
• Action figure: no

Quicksand (Marvel Comics)
• Created by: Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz
• First appearance: Thor #392, June 1988
• Super powers: yes, meta-human
• Alter ego:
• Action figure: no

Harley Quinn (DC Comics)
• Created by: Paul Dini and Bruce Timm
• Voiced by: Arleen Sorkin
• First appearance: Batman: The Animated Series “Joker’s Favor,” 1992
• Super powers: no, though Poison Ivy later gives her a potion that grants her poison immunity
• Alter ego: Harleen Francis Quinzel
• Action figure: yes, more than one, the first by Kenner (1997)

Quorra (Tron: Legacy, Disney)
• Created by: Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis
• Portrayed by: Olivia Wilde
• First appearance: Tron: Legacy
• Super powers: no, (originally) non-human; basically, she's a self-aware program
• Alter ego: none
• Action figure: yes, from Spin Master (2010)

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