Friday, August 24, 2012

Raising Geeky Daughters

Because this is something that has been on my mind a great deal lately, I started thinking that it might also be on other parents' minds as well. The situation doesn't really apply much to me and my family, because my teenage daughter is autistic. I do have friends with daughters, and the current climate of geek-girl bashing has me worried about what they might be facing now, or in the future.

In an attempt to get some idea of what other parents are thinking, and hopefully begin a discussion for solutions, I have a quick 10-question survey that I hope you'll consider putting in your own 2¢. Yes, this is primarily focused on daughters.

Where you have the option of writing a response, please do. Without your opinions and input, this won't mean much.

Please note: Even though the words mean different things to different people, I am using "geek" and "nerd" interchangeably, for the sake of simplicity.

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Thanks for your input! When I make the results known will depend on the level of response I receive.

If there's an issue with the embedded survey, here's a link directly to the Survey Monkey website:



Laura Casey said...

Damn. Pressed "done" before I actually finished typing. Well, I am just not aware of large-scale bullying in these areas. In my experience, boys admire girls who share these interests.

Flabbergasted Mom said...

Only 2 questions appear??

Wendy said...

There should be a scroll bar on the right side for the other questions. If there is not, this link should work:

MaryHS said...

Laura, I'd have agreed with you before hearing about a recent case of sexual harassment at an sf con.