Friday, September 7, 2012

Thrill of the Hunt

Today I did something I hadn't done in a long, long time: I went hunting.

I wasn't looking for any particular figure(s), I just wanted to see what I could find. I started way early in the morning, because, hey! Walmart is 24 hours! At Walmart, I discovered Rita Repulsa. (I also bought my pup a rawhide bone for leaving her all alone.) Then I went to Target (nada), then to KMart, where I picked up a Star Sapphire Wonder Woman (and some glitter nail polish). I was all set to hit a Toys R Us, but I was too early for them yet, so I went to another Target store (nada). Finally, TRU was open so I went to one of those (a different one than before) and found a Princess Nuala for $1.50. No, that's not a misplaced decimal -- I paid with paper for plastic for the first time in I don't even know how long. And it's a pretty fantastic sculpt, too.

YAY! She's a great villainess, and it's about time she got a figure.
Someone else did a video review of her: watch it here.
So naturally now I have to get the Blackest Night WW, or this one makes no sense...
Mezco did a fine job on this sculpt, in my opinion, but she doesn't appear to have a lot of action.
We'll see, once I get her out of the box.

I had forgotten how fun and how frustrating it could be to search for toys in the wild, instead of getting them on ebay. Back in the day, when I was really kinda rabid about the figures, it would be nothing for me to spend an entire day driving from one store to the next, one town to the next, searching for a figure. But then, I also read the magazines and knew when they were due out on the shelves, and could plan accordingly. I usually had a friend along for the ride too, which makes it even more fun.

I am quite satisfied with my haul, given the state action figures are in right now. And I had fun, and that's what collecting should be.

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