Monday, April 1, 2013

Ambitious Project

I've been mulling in my brain a way to identify all of the figures in the basement in a way that is unobtrusive but still visible. The first thing I considered is the simplest: little cardstock "table tents," nothing but the name. Alas, my handwriting is wretched, and I'd have to make hundreds of these; the last one would be illegible. So if I printed them with the label maker, they'd be legible and I could make the text narrower to take up less space.

 Options #1 and #2

I would love to include the first appearance info with the name. Maybe with the cover image...

Options #3 and #4 -- Finally! An appropriate use for Comic Sans!

Of the two, I like the one on the right with the cover image the best, but that's getting kinda big. The cover is only 2 inches high and too small to read details, but it is nifty to have that there. Cover only?

Option #5

Sort of minimalist. I reduced the size to an inch and a half, so it's really hard to read. I do like this minimal approach, but it's too hard to see the cover info, even if I took it back up to 2 inches. Plus, not all of the figures are from comic books, so I'd need to find something like DVD covers to use for those, and that still leaves a few out. How would I use this method for the Jungle Girl Bettie Page?

Another issue, possibly the most important is that cardstock is light, and apt to blow around making it really hard to keep the right label with the figures. Using a small base, sort of like I did with the cover above, but longer and flatter, then I could go with the third option which has the cool info even if it doesn't have the cover.

No matter how I decide to do this, it's going to be a fabulous amount of work. There are 359 figures in my collection currently, most of them are displayed. (Six of them were purchased during my Canadian Spring Break. Woo-hoo!) That's a lotta labeling...


ShesFantastic said...

I would take it a step further and include the toy information like "DC Direct - The New Teen Titans Series - 2000.) I did a similar thing years ago with my female GIJoe collection. Most of them were displayed, but then I had all these little baggies full of extra accessories that needed labeling so they wouldn't get mixed up. It was a pain, but kind of fun at the same time.

Wendy said...

I really like the idea of including the additional information. I'll look and see how that works for me - thanks!