Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Recap 2013 (Another one?? Ugh.)

Yeah, I thought I would, then realized everyone was recapping 2013, and probably had better things to say about it than I would, so I'll refrain from a long look back.

As with any year, there were ups and downs, both on a personal level and Out There. The two geekiest things that happened for me were the amazing and life-changing Super MOOC: Gender Through Comic Books, and being able to attend Geek Girl Con.

All in all, 2013 was a pretty fantastically geeky year for me. I got to visit some of my awesome friends in Canada (that's geeky because I know them from playing WoW -- and because of a trip to the Silver Snail where I bought many action figures), I went to C2E2 and bought many (many) action figures, I took the Gender Through Comic Books class, and I went to GGC.

More personally (less geeky), I saw a neurologist and got an official diagnosis for migraines. (I knew they were migraines, but with docs, they want it on paper... and for me to spend money -- lots of it -- to get that Dx. Whatever.) The upside to that is a prescription that takes care of the pain, mostly, but not the unpleasant aura symptoms, which are legion for me. But you don't want to hear about that.

Exciting news for 2014: Christina Blanch (who taught the gender/comic books class) has a new class Social Issues Through Comic Books! Hell, yes, I enrolled. She's an amazing teacher, and you should absolutely take her class. I hope to attend GGC again as well, but that's 10 months away... anything could happen.

So this year I hope will be a continuation of the last year, with nerdy geek-time, filling in gaps in my comic collection, curating the collection of figures, hopefully another trip North and Northwest.

Until next time, here's my New Year's Eve TRU scores:

My first Transformer! I was actually looking for Arcee
but she was nowhere to be found.
I'd love to have the 12-inch figures, but they are cost prohibitive,
and size prohibitive... where the hell do you put an army of kaiju?!

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