Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Heroines and Villainesses: U

Yes, yes, I skipped a couple of letters to get to U, but I was feeling bogged down and needed to get something done, so I finished up all the "light" letters, and will tackle S, T and W ASAP. ;)

This is a very cursory list of good girls and bad girls, some that fall in between, and others who got immortalized in plastic for whatever reason. The photos I've included are from figures in my personal collection; the photos are mine. When I can, the list will be expanded; this is just the basic first go of the Us.

Heroines and Villainesses:
An Incomplete List, Including Other Characters with Action Figures

Lt. Uhura (Star Trek franchise)
• Created by: Gene Roddenberry
• Portrayed by: Nichelle Nichols
• First appearance: “The Man Trap” (ST: TOS), 1966
• Super powers: no
• Alter ego: none
• Action figure: yes, more than one, by Playmates
• Notable: Uhura was one of the first roles for a black character that wasn’t a menial one. She also had the first scripted inter-racial kiss on US television (with Capt. Kirk, naturally) in 1968.

Ultrawoman (Ultraman: The Adventure Begins animated movie)
• Created by: John Eric Seward
• Voiced by Adrienne Barbeau
• First appearance: Ultraman: The Adventure Begins, 1987
• Super powers: yes, alien
• Alter ego: Beth O’Brien
• Action figure: yes

Umar (Marvel Comics)
• Created by: Roy Thomas and Bill Everett
• First appearance: Strange Tales #150, November 1966
• Super powers: yes, magic
• Alter ego: none
• Action figure: no

Sailor Uranus (Kodansha)
• Created by: Naoko Takeuchi
• Voiced by: Megumi Ogata (Japanese), Sarah Lafleur (English)
• First appearance: Sailor Moon Act 24
• Super powers: yes, magic
• Alter ego: Haruka Tenoh (Amara Tenoh in English versions)
• Action figure: yes, dolls (Bandai and Irwin)
• Notable: Haruka is lesbian, and Sailor Neptune (Michiru) is her partner.

Ursa (DC Comics)
• Created by: Adam Kubert, Richard Donner and Geoff Johns
• Portrayed by: Sarah Douglas
• First appearance: Superman movie, 1978
• Super powers: no, meta-human (not human)
• Alter ego: none
• Action figure: yes, by DC Direct (2007)

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