Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Heroines and Villainesses: Z

This is a very cursory list of good girls and bad girls, some that fall in between, and others who got immortalized in plastic for whatever reason. The photos I've included are from figures in my personal collection; the photos are mine. When I can, the list will be expanded; this is just the basic first go of the Zs.

Heroines and Villainesses:
An Incomplete List, Including Other Characters with Action Figures

Zaladane (Marvel Comics)
• Created by: Gerry Conway and Barry Windsor-Smith
• First appearance: Astonishing Tales #3, December 1970
• Super powers: yes, meta-human
• Alter ego: Zala Dane
• Action figure: no

Zap (American Gladiators tv series)
• Created by: Dan Carr and John Ferraro
• First appearance: season 1, 1989
• Super powers: no
• Alter ego: Raye Hollitt
• Action figure: yes, by Mattel (1991/2)

Zarana (GI Joe)
• Created by: GI Joe
• First appearance: 1986
• Super powers: no
• Alter ego: Zoe (last name unknown)
• Action figure: yes, more than one, by Hasbro (1986)

Zarla (Queen of the Transforming Dolls)
• Created by:
• First appearance: 1986
• Super powers:
• Alter ego: 
• Action figure: sort of… odd doll/robot hybrid by Placo Toys (1986)

Zatanna (DC Comics)
• Created by: Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson
• First appearance: Hawkman #4, Oct/Nov 1964
• Super powers: yes, meta-human
• Alter ego: Zatanna Zatara
• Action figure: yes, the first by DC Direct (2000)
Zealot (DC Comics/Wildstorm)
• Created by: Brandon Choi and Jim Lee
• First appearance: WildC.A.T.S  #1, August 1992
• Super powers: yes, alien
• Alter ego: Lady Zannah of Khera
• Action figure: yes, by Playmates (1994)

Zelda (Terrahawks tv series)
• Created by: Gerry Anderson
• Voiced by: Denise Bryer
• First appearance:
• Super powers: no
• Alter ego: none
• Action figure: yes, by Bandai (1983)

Dr. Zira (Planet of the Apes franchise)
• Created by: Pierre Boulle
• Portrayed by: Kim Hunter
• First appearance: Planet of the Apes novel, 1963
• Super powers: no
• Alter ego: none
• Action figure: yes, more than one, the first by Mego (1973)

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